My Path

Welcome to my website and my path through the bamboo vortex…

I make bamboo fly rods for myself and for others that like to fish with bamboo.
I come from a working family and learned to fix and create from my father. Our paths ran similar courses, I discovered in my teens, but being a ‘chip of the ole’ block’ our similar paths were not as evident in my youth.

Dad was my fishing instructor. Our family was involved in equipment used in ‘haying’ by the local ranchers. We were often out in the fields repairing ranching implements used by the local ranchers harvesting wild grass to feed their livestock in the winter months. At the end of the work day we were always fishing the local ranchers waters together.

I got involved in building and flying radio control aircraft and had a shop set up in what was a second bedroom. I was a better builder than I was a pilot, so many completed airplanes left that room for the airfield only to return to the ‘hanger’ in kit form again!

So my shop sat idle for a few years before I thought I would like to continue fishing with a bamboo fly rod instead of fiberglass or other composite types. But what to buy? I read that bamboo ‘fishes’ with a different ‘feel’ and ‘action’ than what I was used to, but plunking down a thousand dollars or more for my first cane rod was not in my budget. Some used rods were less expensive, but what length and line weight would I decide on if they were so much different than what I was used to?

I decided I needed to learn how a bamboo fly rod was made and how it differed from what I had cast in the past.

I found a teacher, a friend and mentor in Idaho who taught me the basics of bamboo fly rod construction, and when that week plus was over, I held my first cane rod, made by me and ready to fish.
Except, instead of a fish, I was the one that was ‘hooked’. My shop converted to fly rod making, sweeping me into the ‘bamboo vortex’ in which I swirl around today!

I make bamboo fly rods to feed my need to create and learn along the way. I also make them to fish with, of course, and sometimes I may even sell one or two to others who enjoy this sport using hand crafted tools.


“I work bamboo not to feed my body, but to feed my soul.”